Shadowbanned on Bumble?

Hey there, Bumble bee! Did you find yourself mistakenly shadowbanned on Bumble? You might not be aware, but this action can be unlawful in many places. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! With our help, you can quickly create a legal document and send it to Bumble’s Legal Team. ūüď® Many users see their shadowban lifted within just a few hours.

Things to know about Bumble Shadowban

Provide Info

Tell us your username and submit Info about your situation to help us to create your Document

Receive Document

Get your Custom Legal Document referencing Lawsuits, Civil Rights, Common, and Data Privacy Laws in seconds.

Submit it

Send the document to the email address we provide for direct contact with the platform's legal team for review.


Most Platforms Unban users of fear of a Lawsuit based on our Bulletproof Legal Complaint.

How to Fix a Bumble Shadowban

Bumble is a dating app that allows you to connect with other people, as with any dating platform, bumble takes good care of their activity within the platform as it is crucial to maintain a good experience for all users. Even though Bumble has not been open to talking about this issue, it is certain to see that based on the feedback of some users, the shadow ban is implemented by the app.

What exactly is the Bumble Shadowban?

The shadowban in Bumble is very similar to the one used on Tinder, what it does is that it minimizes the exposure of a certain user who is considered not desirable. When we talk about this, it’s based on bad practices like recreating a bumble profile several times within a short period. This is often without the knowledge of the user as the whole idea it’s that the user keeps using the app but it gets fewer new matches if at all.

Does this affect new bumble users?

Unless you have used Bumble in the past, you are not likely to be shadowbanned on bumble. The ban is mainly for that accounts that are somehow linked to previous profiles. This could be detected by using the same photos and also by using the same WiFi Network.

Does it work like the tinder shadowban?

Yes, both platform work in a very similar way and bumble shadowbans affect exactly alike. If you are interested to know more about the Tinder ban, please check our other resources to have a better understanding of this matter.

How to tell if your bumble account is shadowbanned?

Fewer matches

Accounts that are shadowbanned tend to have fewer matches, getting fewer matches it’s a good indicator that something it’s going on in the account and that you should be aware of a possible ban by bumble. This is only an indicator and it is often the reason as you might only be in an area with inactive users.

Find yourself from a new account

The best way to check if your account has a shadowban it’s by trying to search yourself on the platform itself. To do this, you might need to have a friend who has not used the app before and that is not connected to your same network. We know this is often very hard to do but it is the only way that one can tell if the block has been implemented on the account.¬†

Why did I get shadowbanned in bumble?

There are many reasons why you might have been shadowbanned on Bumble, each reason is different, and in some cases, one or more reasons can apply to your specific account. There is no official statement regarding bumble shadowbans as the platform tries to keep a secret and stay away from openly talking about this practice. All information collected here has been gathered by users who have experienced this lock

Creating multiple bumble accounts in a short period

If you try to create multiple accounts in a short period of time to try to boost your chances on the platform or because you thought you had no luck the first time it’s one of the worse ideas. Bumble has developed an advanced algorithm that can check similar profiles and try to somehow cheat the system.

Using offensive descriptions 

Bumble has been developed with the idea to be a safe and fun environment to connect with new people. As a way to prevent bad usage of the app or prevent certain behavior, the app can shadowban you if you use a word on your description that is linked to exploitation, illegal activities, etc.

Uploading inappropriate photos

Bumble is strict when it comes to the type of photos you upload to the platform, please do not upload pictures to the platform that might contain the following:

  • Holding guns or weapons
  • Animal abuse
  • Nudity¬†
  • Drugs

How to delete the Shadowban on Bumble

We know the shadowban can be frustrating and hard to get rid of if you don’t have the tools for it. UnBanMeNow has created an advanced platform that allows you to submit a ticket to bumble to remove the shadowban from it. Please read the whole guide so you do not skip any important part of the process.

Submit your application

To begin the process, you will need to provide us with some contact information so we stay in touch in case we need any additional information and inform you when the shadowbanned is lifted, please fill out the form with the following:

  • Full name
  • Email address¬†
  • Bumble Name

Tell us about your case

We will need some information about your case, please make a summary of your previous account activity. Be honest with the information you provide us as this will be key to creating the perfect document that suits your case. We are experts and we will take every piece of information to your advantage.

After this, you will have to check a few boxes regarding your case, please click all the ones that apply to you. If you do not see any that apply to your case, simply click the one that you think could be the reason why you are shadowbanned on the platform.

Complete the verification process

To finish the process you will need to complete a simple verification process, this is needed to prevent any abusive behavior within the platform. All steps are shown on the website and we are sure you will have no trouble completing this simple process.

Send your document

Once your verification process goes through, you will be able to download a pdf document containing all information about your case. On this document, you will find the email for the support team of bumble as well as a subject and PDF file that contains your appeal process. We will also update you with any information on your case and do a follow-up of your case.

No, we advise you against this as this will not likely fix the problem and you can be permanently blocked from Bumble if you continue this practice. A new bumble account that has very similar information has the same photos, and was created under the same IP could be considered spam and you won't get any matches.

If you have not been following good practices in the platform, it is likely that now you are not getting new bumble matches. This can happen for a variety of reasons but the most prevalent is the creation of multiple accounts in a short time.

To remove the bumble shadowblock we recommend you use tools such as UnBanMeNow that allows you to create an appeal process in only a few steps. You will be able to reset your bumble account and start using the app once again. Alternatively, you can try to submit the appeal process yourself but we warn you that this can be extremely difficult.

If you decide to give bumble another try, please consider the following practices to about getting shadowbanned from bumble once again:

  • Clear your cache.
  • Reset your router.
  • Upload new pictures.
  • Wait at least 5 weeks before creating a new profile.
  • Follow the community guidelines.
  • Do not create multiple accounts at once
  • Do not swipe everyone in a short period and consider using a bumble boost.
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