Banned on Call of Duty?

Have you been unjustly banned on Call of Duty? Were you aware that such actions are unlawful in many jurisdictions? With our service, you can effortlessly create a legal document and send it to the parent company’s legal department in just a matter of minutes. The majority of users have their permanent ban lifted within hours.

Things to know about Call of Duty Ban

Provide Info

Tell us your username and submit Info about your situation to help us to create your Document

Receive Document

Get your Custom Legal Document referencing Lawsuits, Civil Rights, Common, and Data Privacy Laws in seconds.

Submit it

Send the document to the email address we provide for direct contact with the platform's legal team for review.


Most Platforms Unban users of fear of a Lawsuit based on our Bulletproof Legal Complaint.

How to Fix a Call of Duty Ban

Have you been shadowbanned in warzone, warzone 2, or any other call of duty game? In this article, we bring you the main reasons behind this problem, how you can prevent getting shadowban, and an easy Online solution to remove this annoying issue that is affecting more and more players across their platforms.

How does the shadow ban function?

The shadow ban works by hiding or restricting the usage of active users across a platform without any warning or notification, in this specific case, Activision tries to restrict or hide users that they consider are violating the norms of the game. The penalty always varies or will depend on certain factors such as the age of the account, your behavior in lobbies, and other factors. In a nutshell, it is next to impossible to calculate how long the shadow will remain.

Is it fair for users?

This is a question that raises many concerns and questions, in a way it is a good approach to prevent a hacker, cheater, or spammer from simply creating a new account. For the most part, the user is unaware of this condition and might think it just has to do with a bug in the game. On the other hand, there are legit users that are being affected on a daily basis who are not at fault and still have to suffer from minor to major consequences.

Reasons why you might have been shadowbanned

Here on this list, we bring you the most common reasons why an account might get shadow banned, keep in mind, these are very general and there could be a very specific reason why your account got shadowbanned.

Harmful behavior in lobbies

This is certainly nothing new, as a way to keep a safe and enjoyable environment, Activision has been shadow-banning users who exhibit an offensive attitude toward other players. It is not clear how this shadow ban works but it is most likely to be implemented when other users report you on the game.

Strange conduct during game sessions 

When we talk about strange conduct we are not talking about misbehaving in the lobbies, this type of ban is new and it is affecting more and more users. As a way to keep a good gaming experience, the server shadowbans anyone launching and quitting the lobby in a short period of time. 

Reselling accounts

This is a bit more complex but with new improvements in security, Activision is now detecting accounts that were sold with some sort of valuable in-game items. This has been possible as now game servers are able to detect IP addresses and also there is a strict policy when buying something in the game.

Hacking or cheating

This one is the most obvious, using any type of hacking tool or cheating software will get you shadowbanned in Call of duty, this is of course if you are lucky. For the most part, you will get permanently banned from the game if you get detected several times doing so. 


No game is perfect, and this one is no exception, sometimes the game servers can get the wrong signals from your usage and they might get you banned from Call of duty. Don’t worry, if you did not do anything wrong the shadow ban will be lifted or in the worse case you can appeal the ban.

Can I appeal to get it unbanned?

Yes, if you’ve been shadow banned in Call of Duty, you can still apply for a ban appeal, this is your right and they have to review every single case if requested by the user.  This applies to all COD games including Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

Contact activision support team

We only recommend this method if you know the reasons behind the shadow ban and you have a good knowledge of privacy and online safety regulation. If you decide to know ahead you need to send an Email explaining your situation, this email must contain your game ID and an appealing request, this is not always easy as this can take time and if you don’t know the right law then it will be a complete waste of time.

Submit a professional appeal using Unbanmenow

We know the struggle of many users trying to play the game but simply being incapable to do so as they have been shadowbanned by the server. As a way to contribute to the Call of Duty community, we have launched an easy-to-use service that takes care of the whole appealing process.

Simply let us know your situation and we will take care of creating the perfect document so you can get your account back without any stress. This process is easy and doesn’t require you to know anything about internet law as all options are available on the Online app, this certainly simplifies the process and makes it easy for anyone to apply for it.

Remove account penalty in a few minutes

Let the heavy lifting to the experts, here at Unbanmenow we are professionals when it comes to appealing processes in Call of Duty, we will take care from A to Z in getting your account back. We will guide you through the process so you can start right now.

Before we start the process we advise you to have your Account ID ready and have a small summary of your previous activity on the game, this will help us create the perfect document with all the correct information, let’s jump into the process:

  • Go to
  • Select the correct platform you wish you unlock
  • Enter your Name, Email, and Platform username 
  • Write a short summary of why you got shadowbanned 
  • Select the options that apply to you
  • Download the document (Follow the steps on the website)

Once the process is completed, you will download the document (A copy will be sent to your email), the best part about this app is that the email will be sent automatically to the platform you have selected. We will do a regular follow-up of your case and notify you when the ban has been lifted from your account.

Every case it's different and the penalty will vary depending on the reason behind the shadow banning, for the most part the following reasons will raise a concern and could indicate that you have been shadow banned from the game:

  • The voice chat becomes unavailable
  • Long waiting times to enter lobbies
  • You suddenly get disconnected from the server


No, thanks to UnBanMeNow, you can submit your appeal in a matter of minutes. This service follows strict guidelines which is a key factor to remove the shadow ban from your account.


Remember to follow all the steps we have shown you before, this will help your case and will speed up the process, if you have any questions, we highly suggest you to check our resources before sending an email.

We have an estimate turn around of 24 - 48 hours, this will all depend on your specific cases and the amount of cases the servers are handling. Remember that once your case is submitted, you will receive an emails containing any updates of your case.

Yes, in fact it's your right as a consumer to be able to submit a ticket if you feel something is going on with the service. Our team will make sure your application is reviewed and will take care of any follow ups from the service itself.

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