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How to Fix a YouTube Shadowban

Shadowbanning is an unofficial practice employed by some social media platforms to limit the visibility of an account’s content without imposing a real ban as it is never notified to the user. YouTube shadowban has recently emerged as a concerning issue for many content creators but hasn’t been officially sited by the platform.

What is a YouTube Shadowban?

The Youtube shadowban was invented as a way to make a content creator videos invisible or less prominent in YouTube search results, notifications, and recommendations without the consent of the user. This phenomenon can have a huge impact to a channel because the overall reach, view counts, and engagement are often hardly limited. 

The Different Types of YouTube Shadow Banning

After a long research thanks to the feedback of some users, we have discovered that there are several types of shadowbans within the platform itself. It all depends on the penalty you have committed and if you did it in the past, for the most part users are affected in the following ways:

  • A decrease in a video’s visibility in search results
  • Limited or no notifications are sent to subscribers when a new video is uploaded
  • Reduced recommendations and overall reach for the channel’s content

Identifying Signs of Shadowbanning on YouTube

It is hard to know if an account has been shadowbanned as there are many reasons that could explain the drop in views such as new competitors or simply that the algorithm doesn’t considered your content as valuable. You may be shadowbanned if you have at least one of the following issues with your account:

  1. A massive decrease in engagement across your videos
  2. Inability to find your content using YouTube’s search box
  3. Subscribers reporting that they didn’t receive notifications about your new videos

The Duration of a YouTube Shadowban

The length of a YouTube shadowban can vary, depending on the reasons behind it. In some cases, the ban may be lifted within a few days, while in others, it can last for weeks or even longer. There are even instances where users have been shadowban permanently, this is an effective way to keep account running by a bot or spammers away from the platform. The mean reason behind it’s that for them it is going to be difficult to tell if they’ve been shadowbanned and therefore it will just waste their time.

Causes of YouTube Shadowbanning

There are many reasons why you might have gotten the Youtube shadowbanned, there is no official list as the platform denies this practice but we have managed to come up with the following reasons:

  1. Violation of YouTube community guidelines, such as producing spammy, clickbait, or harmful content
  2. Duplicate content across multiple channels
  3. Inappropriate use of keywords, spamming hashtags, or excessive cross-promoting in descriptions and comments
  4. Reuploadiling old videos 
  5. Uploading content with harmful or dangerous content.

Remove the shadowban in a few minutes

With UnBanMeNow you can create the perfect appealing request to remove the shadowban (ghost banning) from your Youtube account. Please follow the next guide and understand every step of the way as this will make the process easier and quicker.

Submit your request

To start the unlocking of your account, you will need to provide us with some basic information to generate the document as well as having some contacting details in case we need to contact you. Please enter your Name, Email and the username of your Youtube Channel.

Let us know your case

Please give us a brief context of your situation, we recommend you to tell us about your previous activity before you suspect of having the shadowban on the platform, please be honest with the information you provide us as every piece will help with your case. After that, please select the options that apply to you and submit your case.

Send your appeal request

After you provide us with the information on the previous steps, a document containing some contact details and your case will be ready to download. You might be asked to complete a simple verification process, all steps are shown on the website and reason behind it’s to keep the service running smoothly and avoid bots to ruin it for others. Once you download the file, send an email to the address given in the file, once this step is done, you will have to wait typically a few hours up to a few days to receive a notification from the Youtube help center letting you know that all restrictions have been lifted.

Ways to avoid getting shadowbanned on Youtube

To minimize the risk of a YouTube shadowban, implement these best practices:

  1. Regularly update and refresh the page to monitor channel performance
  2. Use unique and relevant keywords for each video
  3. Engage with your YouTube community by responding to comments and addressing concerns
  4. Publish high-quality, valuable content that appeals to your target audience
  5. Follow the community guidelines.
  6. Avoid post and comments with self promotions.

Remember that Youtube is a platform that can be accessed by children and adults, be mindful with the type of content you upload and avoid posting content that could be harmful or engage with illegal practices.

Additional Tips for Dealing with YouTube Shadowbans

Knowledge is power, and understanding how YouTube shadowbans work provides you with the best defense against them. To help you better manage your YouTube experience and continue growing your channel without encountering a shadowban, follow these additional tips:

Frequency and Consistency of Publishing Content

One simple but effective tactic for avoiding YouTube shadowbans is to maintain a consistent upload schedule. Posting too many videos too quickly or at erratic intervals can trigger YouTube’s algorithms to identify your channel as spammy, increasing the risk of a shadowban. Create a balanced content schedule, and make sure not to saturate your channel with videos in a short timeframe.

Connect with Your YouTube Community

Garnering support from fellow content creators and your YouTube community can raise your visibility and help alleviate the negative effects of a shadowban. Foster relationships with creators in your niche and collaborate with them to expand your reach organically. Actively engage with your audience by replying to their comments, hosting Q&As, or live-streaming sessions to show that you value their input and support.

Keep an Eye on Trends and Algorithm Updates

YouTube’s algorithm and policies often change, so remaining up-to-date gives you an edge in avoiding shadowbans. Conduct regular research on trends within your niche, as well as YouTube’s algorithm updates, to maintain a strong, relevant presence on the platform.

Diversify Your Social Media Presence

Relying solely on YouTube as a content creator can be risky. Building a strong presence across different social media platforms helps insulate you from the negative impacts of a shadowban on any platform. Create content for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a broader audience and cross-promote your content without being overly aggressive.

Monitor Your YouTube Analytics

Tracking your YouTube analytics is vital for spotting any abnormal behavior on your channel, such as a sudden decrease in engagement, views, or impressions. Analyzing these metrics regularly can help you identify the early signs of a shadowban and enable you to take prompt action.

In conclusion, successfully navigating YouTube shadowbans requires vigilance, an understanding the platform’s guidelines, and a persistent focus on providing valuable content. Following these best practices will help you maintain a thriving presence on YouTube and build a loyal audience, all while safeguarding your channel from the risks of shadowbanning.

No, if you delete your account and then create a new one, you will be shadowban immediately as Youtube is capable to detect your IP address and impose the ban on it. If you want to avoid this, you might have to wait at least a few months before you create a new account.

Yes, platforms such as Youtube can shadowban an account to avoid spammy content from reaching other users. By doing this, the user will just waste the time uploading content instead of finding ways to bypass the ghost ban.

Yes, you can lift your shadowban with UnBanMeNow, this tool allows you to create a professional document in a few steps with all the due regulations that may apply in your case. If you are interested, please check out our platform and start your unban process in just minutes.

Yes, some people think they might get away with this by purchasing big account on the platform. If you don't follow the rules within the platform, you can face a shadowban regardless of how many subscribers you have or the amount of videos you have posted.

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