Shadowbanned on Tinder?

Are you an Unfortunate Target of a Shadowban on Tinder? Were you aware that this practice is Unlawful in numerous Regions? With our service, you can create a Legitimate Document and forward it to Tinder’s Legal Department in just minutes. Many users experience Shadowban Removal within hours.

Things to know about Tinder Shadowban

Provide Info

Tell us your username and submit Info about your situation to help us to create your Document

Receive Document

Get your Custom Legal Document referencing Lawsuits, Civil Rights, Common, and Data Privacy Laws in seconds.

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Send the document to the email address we provide for direct contact with the platform's legal team for review.


Most Platforms Unban users of fear of a Lawsuit based on our Bulletproof Legal Complaint.

How to Fix a Tinder Shadowban

Are you not getting any matches on your Tinder Account, we are sorry to tell you this, but your account might be shadowbanned by the platform. In this article, we want to introduce you to this concept if you are not familiar with it and also tell you the options you have to remove the shadow ban in a very simple and straightforward way. Please read carefully as following the right steps will reset your tinder account so you can start enjoying once again this dating app.

What is the Tinder shadowban?

The Tinder shadowban is a secret practice that aims to reduce a user’s dating profile visibility. This implies that a user will not see their profile in search results even if they have an active profile, and they will not get any matches or messages. Shadowbans on Tinder are often imposed for going against the rules, such as spamming or harassing other users, using inappropriate language, or submitting offensive information. Users might not be informed that they have been shadowbanned, and the reasons for a shadowban are frequently unclear. Shadowbanning is a topic rarely discussed by companies like Tinder since it could damage their reputation and users can feel unfairly penalized.

Does it work?

Yes, the shadowban it’s very effective as the user is often unaware of this condition, as we talked about before companies are not willing to openly talk about this as it can be unbiased against some users. If someone with bad intentions is unaware of this, it is likely that continue with their behavior but yet it’s not affecting many people within the platform as their exposure it’s reduced. This is a great tool as it wastes people’s time instead of them trying to find a way to bypass or simply create a new account and start from 0.

Remove your Tinder shadowban

We know the shadowban can be an effective tool to keep those users with bad intentions away, but what about those users that have been unfairly shadowbanned by the Tinder app? You might not be aware, but shadowbanning it’s a practice that it’s not backed by most countries as users have the right to be warned about any changes in their accounts. If you feel you’ve been shadowbanned unfairly, you can submit a ticket to get it removed, this may sound hard, but with the help of UnBanMeNow, you can do this in a matter of minutes without researching for users.

Complete the form

To begin the process, you will need to provide some basic information to create the document as well as contact you, please enter your name, email, and the name you use on your tinder profile so we can start creating the perfect document to get your account back.

Tell us about your case

After submitting your details, you will need to provide us with some information about your previous activity. Please be straightforward and honest about this as every single piece of information will be crucial to speed up the process. After this, you will land in multiple section forms where you will need to click on the ones that apply to your specific case. We know it’s hard to list every single one but try to select the ones that apply to you.

Send your File

Once everything is completed, the platform will generate a PDF containing a letter and some contact information. You will need to verify your identity to access this information. This process is really simple to complete and it was created as a way to keep the server running smoothly and avoid over usage of it. Don’t worry, all steps are on the website and they all are pretty easy to complete. Once you finish this process, simply send an email with the info you downloaded from the platform. We will be in touch with you and also update you in any case. Most applications are reviewed within a working day and you will get your account in no time.

Why did I get shadowbanned on Tinder?

There are many reasons why you might be shadowbanned from tinder, it is clear to say that the company hasn’t launched an official list and all reasons listed here are collected from user data. We know there are more but we managed to include the most common ones.

Using the wrong bio

Be careful with what you post on your Bio as well as the photos you post, Tinder doesn’t want to promote any illegal or harmful activity on their website. Inappropriate behavior through your actions will get you shadowbanned in the case. Be mindful of others and keep explicit content away from the platform if you want to get matches and have a pleasant experience with the app.

Use the App without any extra verification

Tinder uses verification to check that users are real and not bots or fraudulent accounts. This verification can be done using social media or a phone number. Tinder may take measures, such as issuing a shadowban if a user fails to submit any additional verification after a while. 

Swipe left every single time

Consistently swiping left can be interpreted as suspicious conduct and could lead to a shadowban. This conduct can indicate to Tinder that the user is not using the app honestly or that they are not looking to connect with others. For this reason, it’s crucial to interact with the app honestly and swipe right or left based on true interest to prevent a shadowban.

Going against tinder’s community guidelines

A shadowban may be imposed for violating Tinder’s community rules, such as spamming, harassing, or publishing unsuitable content. Tinder has severe regulations prohibiting this type of conduct, and breaking them can have serious repercussions, such as a shadowban or a permanent ban. For this reason, it’s critical to respect other users and behaves appropriately within the Tinder community to avoid a shadowban.

How do you tell if you have a shadowban on Tinder?

There is no official way to check if you have been shadowbanned by the platform, what we know is that the following things are a great indicator to check if you’re shadowbanned on the platform:

  1. Check your matches may indicate that you have been shadowbanned if you have seen a sudden drop in the number of matches you are getting on Tinder.
  2. You may have been shadowbanned if you were actively contacting other users and then suddenly stopped getting replies.
  3. Try swiping right on more profiles to see if you get any matches. If you continue to get no matches, this can mean you’ve been shadowbanned.

This is not the optimal way to do it, but you can log out of your account and search for your profile using a different account or a friend’s account. However, this method may not always be reliable, and it’s not the optimal way to check for a shadowban

No, if you create a new profile under the same IP address it will be easily detected by Tinder. On the other hand, Tinder can also know your activity with Google Play and know when you first downloaded the app. If you want to create a new account and start from zero, we recommend you waiting for three months at least before you create a completely new account. Avoid using old photos or bios from a previous account and make sure you delete your account completely before you even create a new one.

The length of the shadowban will always depend on the penalty you committed, for the most part, it last from a few weeks up to a few months. This can be very frustrating as the waiting time can be too much for some people. If you want to get rid of this issue we recommend you appeal using UnBanMeNow to get it fixed.

using Tinder Gold won't necessarily stop a shadowban from happening. With Tinder Gold, a premium subscription service, you can access extra features like limitless right swipes and the knowledge of who has already viewed your profile favorably. While Tinder Gold or tinder platinum can improve your app experience, it does not shield you from shadowbans or other consequences for breaking the service's rules. Keep in mind that shadowbans on Tinder are imposed based on user behavior and are intended to uphold a respectful and safe community for all users.

Yes, you can get ban on tinder permanently if they consider that your account violates multiple community guidelines. If you try to create a new account using anything from the old account such as email, phone number, and more, you will be banned almost immediately. As we said before if you want to give tinder another try, then consider waiting a long time and using fresh content as well as verification processed not to be shadowbanned immediately.

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