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Unfairly shadowbanned on Twitter? Shadowbanning is illegal in many jurisdictions! With our service, create a legal document & send it to Twitter’s legal department in minutes. Most users have their shadowban removed within hours! Don’t wait, reclaim your voice on Twitter now! #ShadowbanRelief #TwitterJustice

Things to know about Twitter Shadowban

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Most Platforms Unban users of fear of a Lawsuit based on our Bulletproof Legal Complaint.

How to Fix a Twitter Shadowban

The shadowban on Twitter it’s a powerful tool to reduce the outreach of your account without a proper ban. This tactic has been used as a powerful tool to reduce the spread of fake news, harmful posts, and other controversial topics. It is unclear how this type of moderation works as the official Twitter support team and officials do not openly talk about it, we will cover the most common reasons based on Twitter users.

What is shadowbanning?

To understand more about this topic, we must first explain in detail what shadowban is and more or less how it works. The shadowban is a powerful tool that allows platforms to restrict your visibility in specific ways. This is a powerful instrument as it can ghost a Twitter account without the knowledge of the individual, this helps the fight against harmful tweets appearing in people’s search results or homepages.

How to tell if you were shadowbanned on Twitter

Even though there is no such thing as a Twitter shadowban test as of right now, there are a few techniques you can try to know if you were shadowbanned on the platform:

Check your engagements

One of the most common ways to check if your account has been any restrictions it’s by comparing the interactions that you used to have with the current ones. This decrease will be easily noticeable in things such as likes, retweets, and replies. 

Use Twitter’s Advanced Search to look for your tweets:

Twitter’s advanced search tools will help you find out in a simple way if your account has a shadow ban. Go to this feature and type your username, and type something you have twitted recently. If your posts aren’t available, this means that the Twitter shadowbanning is active in your account.

Search from a third account

An easy way to check if your account has been shadowbanned is by using a third account from a friend or relative. We recommend that such an account has little interaction with yours and doesn’t follow you. Search your account or a tweet you have posted, if you don’t see it or you have a hard time finding it, then it is likely the account is banned.

Check your hashtags

Using Hashtags of trends, spam services, or controversial topics, could get you shadowbanned, and in a worst-case scenario, your account may get a permanent ban. We advise you to stay away from posting harmful content as this can get a shadowban on your account very easily.

Can I remove the shadowban from my Twitter account?

Yes, shadowbanning is often unethical and in some cases an unfair punishment to users that are just trying to spread their message. In most countries, these practices are against the law and there are articles that prohibit this type of activity. As a consumer, you have the right to appeal this decision and get your account back. 

This might sound like a very complicated process and many would not even think of doing such a thing. Luckily, UnBanMeNow has created a service that helps all users remove the shadowban from their accounts in a matter of minutes. 

Fill out the form with your case

To begin the process, please fill out the form, we will only need your Name, email, and username. This information is crucial to create a petition to the platform as well as to keep you updated with any news related to your account.

Tell us about your case

Summarize in a few sentences the reasons why you might have been shadowbanned and your previous activity. This will help the legal thing create the perfect case so you have more chances to get your account back and running in no time.

Check the boxes that apply to you

As we talked about before, there are many reasons why you might get shadowbanned and it is unclear to know exactly which one applies to your case. We have made available the most common ones, simply check the boxes that apply to you as this will help us with your case.

Submit your case

You are almost done at this point, all you need to do it’s to follow the steps shown on the website, you might be asked to verify your account, this feature has been implemented as a way to keep the servers clean and only proceed with those request that has been verified. Do not worry, this is really simple to do and there is a tutorial with all the steps you need to know.

A team member will reach out to you

After your application is submitted to the platform, you will get an email with any update on the process, for the most part, this process can take up to 48 business hours. There could exist certain delays mostly due to the amount of request sent to the service.

Avoid getting shadowbanned on Twitter

Here we have a few things to keep in mind to avoid the shadowban, we also would like to point out to be mindful and respectful with the things you post on your profile to keep safe for all users:

Review Twitter’s rules and guidelines

If you want to grow an audience under your Twitter profile, we highly suggest you take a look at the policies, rules, and best practices that apply to this platform. This will likely save you from ever getting ghost banned from the platform and having a good experience.

Remove Violating content

Even if Twitter allows you to post certain content on their platform if you decide to upload harmful, explicit, or spammy content, you will likely be shadowbanned by the platform and likely to also get a search ban within the platform.

Limit hashtag usage

Using hashtags it’s a great way to reach new audiences as you are targeting those who have a similar interest to you. However, be careful with the number of hashtags you use as well as the number of times you keep using the same hashtags. The reason behind it’s that the Twitter algorithm will start seeing your content as spammy and not helpful for the community.

Depends, a shadowban on Twitter will go away in most cases. These are temporary punishments that usually last a few days to a couple of weeks, this will always depend on the reasons behind it and if you have violated the community guideline in the past.

It is unclear if this is true or not, what we know is that spammy content does contribute to getting shadowbanned. In most instances, this might happen as it is viewed as Spam by the Twitter support team. Avoid posting content that has already been twitted or that might be harmful to the community.

To fix the shadowban, you will need to send an appeal request to the Twitter support team, this can easily be done using UnBanMeNow, this tool will help you submit your application in a few minutes using the best legal tools that apply to your specific case.

There is no correct answer to the question, in every case, there are one or multiple reasons why this might have happened, in a nutshell, you can be shadowbanned for using the wrong hashtags, posting harmful content, and logging from multiple devices in different IPs at the same thing.

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