Shadowbanned on Modern Warfare?

Are you an Unfortunate Target of a Shadowban on Modern Warfare? Were you aware that this practice is Unlawful in numerous Regions? With our assistance, you can create a Legitimate Document and forward it to Activision’s Legal Department in just a few moments. The majority of players experience Shadowban Removal within mere hours.

Things to know about Modern Warfare Shadowban

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Tell us your username and submit Info about your situation to help us to create your Document

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Most Platforms Unban users of fear of a Lawsuit based on our Bulletproof Legal Complaint.

How to Fix a Modern Warfare Shadowban

The Call of Duty franchise, particularly Warzone, Warzone 2, and Warzone 2.0, has been facing an issue where players are getting shadowbans. This has been a concerning issue as many players are reporting being shadowbanned by the platform without any particular reason.

What is a Shadow Ban?

The shadow ban is an account penalty that affects many players without properly alerting them. Activision and Call of Duty community managers use shadowbans to punish cheaters and hackers, and those participating in unauthorized activities on their Activision accounts.

If you get shadowbanned on COD, it is likely that your gaming experience it’s limited and you won’t be able to talk with other players or even join some sessions. We will dive into the main reasons why this happens and what to keep in mind if you want to avoid and remove it.

Shadow Bans in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2

While there have been instances of players getting shadowbanned in Warzone 2 and Warzone 2.0 in previous seasons, the problem seems to have escalated in recent times. In some cases, innocent players with many kills or impressive in-game performances are mistakenly identified as cheaters. There have been instances where innocent people playing with cheaters are shadow-ban for no reason.

Signs of a ShadowBan in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2

Players might wonder how they can know if they have been shadowbanned in Warzone, Warzone 2, and Modern Warfare 2 (MW2). In most cases, long waiting times in a lobby or a high ping could indicate that you got shadowbanned.

How to Determine If Your Activision Account Has Been Shadow Banned

Affected players may receive a message stating their account is under review or temporary bans as part of the shadow ban process. To confirm if your Activision account is facing a shadow ban, you can submit a support ticket to the Activision support team. 

How to remove the shadowban on modern warfare 2 and Warzone

Getting shadow banned it’s not a fun experience, especially when you are innocent players that have done nothing wrong. We know that appeal a ban might seem intimidating or hard to do, and that’s why UnBanMeNow has created an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create the perfect ticket in a few minutes.

Start your ban appeal

To begin the process, you will need to provide us with some contact details such as your name, email address, and username you use to play on Call of Duty modern warfare. This will be crucial to create the document and keep you updated in case we have any news.

Summarize your case in a few words

Please describe your previous gaming activity before getting shadowbanned, be detailed and honest as this will allow us to help create the perfect document regarding your case. Once you are done with this, select the options that apply to your case and continue the process.

Send your appeal request to the support team

Lastly, you will need to download the file created by the platform, this document will contain your case and an email that goes directly to the customer support team on the platform. You may be asked to complete a small verification process, this was introduced as a way to keep the platform safe for everyone and avoid bots. This verification doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes and all steps are shown on the page.

Causes of Shadow Bans in Warzone 2

Shadow bans typically happen when a player is caught cheating, or spamming. However, many players who haven’t violated any rules can also get shadowbanned due to a high number of kills (10 kills) or extremely skilled gameplay.

How Players Get Shadowbanned in the Game

It can be triggered by several factors, including spamming, disconnects, and anti-cheat software detecting suspicious patterns. Activision has been working hard to maintain a clean environment new detection tools are often tested.

The Impact of Shadow Bans on Top Players

Shadow bans have been criticized for affecting innocent players, causing confusion and frustration. Top players, such as the world’s best Modern Warfare 2 ranked player, have reported being shadow-banned, facing disruptions in their professional gaming careers.

World’s Best Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Player Faces a Shadow Ban

In a controversial incident, the world’s best Modern Warfare II player received a shadow ban, leading to widespread dissatisfaction among the gaming community. Many players have had to appeal Activision’s account penalty with varying degrees of success, highlighting the need for a more transparent and accurate process when addressing in-game issues.

No, Call of Duty cannot control what you say on the voice chat, instead, they developed a way for users to report those who are breaking the law. If you report, a support team will cheat if you have been saying things that are against the rules and then you might be likely to get a shadowban.

Depending on the rules you broke, the shadowban might last between a few days to months. There are no rules regarding the length of the shadowban. All we know is that if you have committed some sort of violation in the past, it is likely that the shadowban gets extended.

Some users claim that using a VPN has got them shadowban in the past, all we know is that VPNs are prompt to have high pings and are often shared with other people. If you get shadowbanned because of this, it is likely that is not linked to the VPN all the way.

To remove the shadowban from Call of Duty, we advise you to use UnBanMeNow, a professional and easy Online App that allows you to create the perfect document to request the deletion of your shadowban.

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