Shadowbanned on Instagram?

Are you an innocent victim of a shadowban on Instagram? You might not be aware, but this action can be illegal in many jurisdictions. With our service, you can swiftly generate a legal document and send it to Facebook’s legal department. Most users experience their shadowban removal within just a few hours. Don’t let a shadowban hold you back – regain your Instagram freedom today!

Things to know about Instagram Shadowban

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Most Platforms Unban users of fear of a Lawsuit based on our Bulletproof Legal Complaint.

How to Fix Instagram Shadowban

Even with Instagram not publicly recognizing shadowbanning accounts, a handful of users have reported being hidden from the platform in one way or another. In this article, we will cover the main causes of this problem, how to stay safe for the most part, and how you can get your account back to its full potential 

How does a shadow ban works?

It is not 100% sure how the shadow ban works as some users might get different penalties depending on the fault the user makes. For the most part, being shadowbanned on Instagram or any other platform means that the content you upload will be hidden from the majority of users. 

The implementation of this technique has proven a big effect in keeping the platform somewhat safe as people trying to use Instagram in a spammy or harmful way will simply be hidden by the algorithm. As we briefly discussed before, it is hard to clearly know how this will affect your Instagram account as this is often kept private.

Does Instagram Shadowban you?

Even though there has not been an official Instagram claim regarding this matter, many users express their disagreements and discontent when their content stops receiving the same amount of attention it used to get before. This has become a normal practice by the platform and more and more users complain about it on a daily basis. 

Reasons behind the ShadowBan on your Instagram Account

Getting shadowbanned by the Instagram algorithm can be one of the most stressful and frustrating things a user can experience, we will briefly cover some of the reasons so you can take action in case you are in this awful situation. This list only covers the most common ones and it is often uncertain the reasons behind them.

Excessive usage of hashtags

Instagram implemented hashtags as a way to make your content more relevant, this helps the platform understand the target audience and make it visible to the right people. Even if this tool brings a lot of benefits, using many hashtags in several posts can get you shadowbanned. Instagram won’t tell you that your account has been hidden or give you any warning as the whole purpose it’s to keep content they consider as Spam hidden from the platform.

Using banned hashtags 

Using banned hashtags on Instagram that can be related to harmful content such as politics, and controversial topics can also get you shadowbanned. This is often a bit more complicated as the platform cannot restrict freedom of speech but doesn’t also one to be full of this content. We recommend you avoid the usage of these hashtags to avoid a permanent ban if you overdo it.

Violating community guidelines 

Instagram shadowbans for the most part users violating community guidelines, uploading harmful and violent content will likely get you shadowban and then permanently ban you after a few times you attempt to upload this content. On the other hand, we advise you not to upload any content that can disturb the general public as you will not get a warning and you will be kicked out and banned from ever using the platform. 

Unusual Instagram growth 

This one is a bit more complex but Instagram is always investing in stopping unusual follower growth using unethical ways like using a bot or simply paying for fake followers. Moreover, some users with short-term success might get shadowbanned because are seen as their growth hasn’t been organic.

Why do they use the shadow ban?

This tool has been implemented as a way to delay the creation of new spammy accounts on the platform, as users are often unaware of this situation, they won’t take the time to simply create a new account. This is frequently very effective when it comes to users that are not good at technology.

How to check if you’re shadowbanned

The best way to check if you’ve been shadowbanned on Instagram is by uploading new content on a daily basis and seeing if the reach of your content it’s really low. Just to clarify, you can only jump to a conclusion if you notice a massive drop compared to your previous content.

How to avoid getting shadowbanned

If you want to avoid an Instagram shadowban we suggest you follow Instagram’s terms of service and always be rational with the type of content you are uploading:

  • Do not post inappropriate content
  • Avoid posting too many hashtags all at once
  • Do not send DM to people on Instagram that you do not know
  • Using the same hashtags over and over again

These are only some ways to avoid an Instagram shadow ban, there is no magical recipe to avoid this issue. We can only tell you to be mindful of the content you create and how you interact with the platform.

Can I appeal this decision?

Yes, luckily most countries offer legislations and laws that prevent this type of activity on any Online platform, If you feel you have been shadowbanned and there are no reasons for it, you can apply for an appeal. This might seem like a very complex thing to do, but in reality tools like UnBanMeNow are now available for everyone to submit a professional appeal to the Instagram support team.

Complete the form

To begin the process, you will need to provide some basic information and tell us about your case so we can start working on it. If you are unsure please follow this small guide:

  • Enter your name, email, and username
  • Briefly tell us about the case
  • Select the options that you think apply to you
  • Submit your claim

Complete the steps on the website

The platform will now access to download and send the appealing document, to avoid the misusage of this tool, you will need to complete a quick and easy verification process to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently. Once you verify everything on the website, you will receive updates on the process. 

Most users get out of Instagram Shadowban in just a few hours, it will all depend on the number of requests sent to the Official Instagram Partner that makes sure the check your account status and lift it. 

It is uncertain how long the shadowban can last, it will always depend on the type of content you have posted on the platform and if you have done it before. For the most part, this ban can last up to a month but there is no exact time when it comes to this issue. 

Yes, nowadays you can simply submit your case by using an Online tool, UnBanMeNow was created to help all those users trying to grow their Instagram accounts with their content. If you suspect you have been shadowbanned, we can help by submitting a professional case in a matter of minutes.

Yes, using the incorrect hashtag on your post of using it over and over again will get you shadowbanned by Instagram. Remember that the algorithm works by showing the right content to the right people, once it becomes spammy it will likely hurt your account visibility rather than improve it.

Yes, as a consumer and user of such platform you have the right to appeal the shadowban. If you feel you have not done anything wrong, then you can easily apply for it, in case you have violated the terms of service, you can still request an appeal .

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