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How to Fix a Warzone Shadowban

A Warzone shadowban is a way of punishing players who break the game’s rules in a way that isn’t obvious. Unlike a regular ban, which completely stops the player from playing, a shadowban lets the player keep playing, but with a lot of restrictions. Most of the time, these restrictions include longer wait times, being matched with shadowbanned or suspicious players, or friends not being able to join the player’s party. The goal of a shadowban is to punish rule-breakers without them knowing right away, while also keeping the game fair and fun for players who follow the rules.

Identifying a Warzone Shadowban

It can be difficult to identify a Warzone shadowban because it is meant to be hidden and not immediately obvious. But there are a few telltale signs that a shadowban might be coming:

  1. Long wait times: One of the most common signs of a shadowban is waiting for a match for an unusually long amount of time. If it takes you much longer than usual to find a game, that could mean you’ve been shadowbanned.
  2. Matching with suspicious players: Shadowbanned players are often paired with other shadowbanned or suspicious players who may be cheating or hacking. If you keep seeing these kinds of players in your matches, it could mean that they have been shadowbanned.
  3. Friends can’t join your party: If your friends can’t join your party or have problems every time they try, this could be a sign that you’ve been shadowbanned, since this is one of the restrictions put on players who have been shadowbanned.

You might want to contact Activision Support or look at your account on the official website to see if there are any notifications or warnings. You can also ask other players in your community or on online forums if they have had similar problems. This can help you figure out if you really have been shadowbanned.


Reasons for Warzone Shadowbans

Players who break the rules and guidelines of Warzone are given shadowbans. There are many things that can cause a shadowban, such as:

False positives

If a player is shadowbanned because of a false positive, it means that they were mistakenly marked as breaking the rules. This can happen if a player’s actions or account are flagged as suspicious by the game’s anti-cheat system, or if other players report them in error. If you’ve been falsely accused we can help you fix your Warzone Shadowban

Cheating or hacking

It is against the rules to use third-party software, hacks, or cheats to get an unfair advantage in a game. If a player is caught using these tools, they might get a shadowban or even be banned for good.

Toxic behavior and harassment

Other players can get shadowbanned if they act in a way that is abusive, offensive, or annoying. This includes hate speech, threats, using bad language a lot, and any other kind of communication that is harmful.

Inappropriate usernames or clan tags

A shadowban can happen if a username or clan tag uses offensive, discriminatory, or vulgar language. It is very important to keep your in-game identity polite and in line with the rules of the game.

Exploiting game bugs or glitches

It is against the rules to use known or unknown game bugs or glitches to make money for yourself. Players who take advantage of these bugs could be shadowbanned until they stop doing so.

It is very important for players to learn the game’s rules and guidelines so they don’t do anything that could get them shadowbanned. For everyone to enjoy the game, it is important to keep the environment respectful and fair.


Steps to take to Fix a Warzone Shadowban

If you’ve been Shadowbanned without actually breaking any of the above rules we highly suggest you seek help, for example:

  1. We can help if you’ve been Shadowbanned by accident on Warzone. Use the Free Online Assistant to generate a Legal Document which you can send to Activision to unban your account. 
  2. Check for and admit any rule breaking: Review the game’s rules and guidelines to figure out what you may have done or said that got you shadowbanned. Recognize your mistakes and promise yourself you won’t do them again.
  3. Remove any software or hacks that let you cheat. If you have used any third-party tools, cheats, or hacks, remove them right away. If you use these tools, you could get shadowbanned or even get banned for good.
  4. Change offensive usernames or clan tags. If your username or clan tag uses offensive, discriminatory, or vulgar language, change it to something more appropriate and respectful. This will show the developers that you are serious about following the rules for the community.
  5. Stop taking advantage of bugs or glitches in games. If you have been taking advantage of known or unknown bugs or glitches in games for your own gain, stop. The developers are always working to fix these problems, and if you try to take advantage of them, you could get a shadowban.
  6. Talk to Activision Support: Call or email Activision Support to let them know what you’ve done to fix the problem. Be honest and clear about what you did, and ask for your account to be looked at. It’s important to remember that the developers decide whether to lift a shadowban, and contacting support does not mean that your ban will be lifted.
  7. Keep in mind that fixing a shadowban might take time, and you might not see results right away. To avoid problems in the future, you need to have patience, stick with it, and be willing to follow the game’s rules and guidelines.

Tips for Preventing Future Shadowbans

To avoid getting shadowbanned in Warzone in the future, it’s important to follow the game’s rules and guidelines and keep the environment fair and respectful. Here are some things you can do to make sure you don’t get shadowbanned again:

Follow the rules and guidelines of the game at all times

Learn Warzone’s code of conduct, terms of service, and any other rules that the developers have put in place. If you follow these rules, you will be much less likely to be shadowbanned.

Report cheaters and hackers

If you see players cheating, hacking, or taking advantage of the game, you can report them through the in-game reporting system or the Activision website. By telling someone about these players, you help keep the game fair for everyone.

Your account should be safe

Use a strong, unique password for your gaming account and, if it’s available, turn on two-factor authentication. Keeping your account safe will help stop unauthorized access, false reports, and other suspicious behavior that could lead to a shadowban.

Respect and think about other people.

Don’t act rudely or use offensive language or words, and don’t harass other players. Keeping a good attitude and encouraging sportsmanship will not only keep you from getting shadowbanned again, but it will also make the game more fun for everyone.

Keep the game and its anti-cheat software up-to-date

Make sure that your game and any anti-cheat software put in by the developers are always up to date. Updates often fix known bugs, make the anti-cheat system better, or change the rules or guidelines of the game.


What to Do if Your Shadowban is Not Lifted

If you’ve done everything you need to do to get your Warzone shadowban lifted, but it still hasn’t been lifted, you have a few options:

  • Wait for the ban to end on its own: Shadowbans can sometimes be temporary and only last for a certain amount of time before they end on their own. This time period may change based on how bad the violation was. Keep following the rules and guidelines of the game, and be patient while you wait for the ban to end.
  • Make a new account: If your shadowban keeps going on and you can’t fix it, you might want to make a new account to start over. But be careful not to break the rules again with your new account. If you do, you could get another shadowban or even a permanent ban.
  • Ask for help and advice from the Warzone community: Engage with the Warzone community through online forums, social media, or in-game chats to get help and advice from other players who may have had similar problems and figured out how to solve them. They might give you good advice and tips on how to deal with your shadowban.
  • Re-contact Activision Support: If you’ve done a lot to change your behavior and followed the rules of the game, but your shadowban hasn’t been lifted, you might want to try again. Give them detailed information about what you’ve done and ask them to look at your account again. But keep in mind that the developers have the final say on whether or not to lift a shadowban.

When dealing with a shadowban, it’s important to stay calm and persistent. In the meantime, try to create a fair and fun gaming environment to reduce the chance of problems in the future.


Shadowbans in Warzone can be hard to spot because they are meant to be hidden. But there are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • Long queue times
  • Matching with players who are suspicious
  • Friends who can't come to your party

If you think you might be shadowbanned, you could contact Activision Support or check your account on the official website to see if there are any notices or warnings.


To get unshadowbanned, follow these steps:

  1. Assess and acknowledge any rule violations
  2. Remove any cheating software or hacks
  3. Change inappropriate usernames or clan tags
  4. Stop exploiting game bugs or glitches
  5. Reach out to Activision Support

Recommendation: Our Shadowban Removal Service can guide you through this process and provide additional support to help you restore your account and avoid future shadowbans.

If you believe you've been shadowbanned unfairly, it could be due to a false positive. Contact Activision Support to explain your situation and request a review of your account. Be honest and transparent about your actions.


We can also help with guidance and support to help you navigate this situation and work towards lifting the shadowban on your account.

Players that breach the rules and guidelines of the game are subject to receiving a warzone shadowban. Cheating, hacking, toxic conduct and harassment, using inappropriate identities or clan tags, exploiting game flaws or glitches, and false positives are all potential reasons for a shadowban.

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